GENERATE, the GICAT innovation label

GENERATE, the GICAT innovation label

The GICAT launched in 2017 its new « Generate » label, which aimed at giving some french start-ups the opportunity to understand and to be part of the world of defense and security.

Generate’s first ambition is to become an exchange hub that promotes innovation within land and air-land Defense and Security sector. These industries are developing high-technology equipment. Start-ups sometimes cannot imagine they are designing some technologies that could achieve real relevance in the world of defense and security. Being part of “Generate” by GICAT is to offer them new opportunities and to make sure that they benefit from an individual and customized support to develop.

GENERATE is committed to

In partnership with

Our goals

  • Promoting a collective intelligence approach among defense & security players and start-ups from other sectors.
  • Being part of the french excellence regarding innovation and make the defense & security sector benefit from it.
  • Spotlighting innovation key role within land and air-land Defense and Security industry.

Our services

  • Bringing an overall understanding of the mechanisms and players (officials, industrials, scientists, etc).
  • Setting up meetings with defense & security players: security firces, armed forces, DGA (Directorate General of Armaments), research centers, etc.
  • Linking these start-ups with some industrials members of the GICAT wishing to exchange and cooperate in an innovation approach.
  • Implementing a system where start-ups are mentored by GICAT members giving them the benefit of their knowledge and feedbacks.

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Who are the members ?

At this time, the start-up certified by GENERATE are :

Since 2012, Aleph-Networks has been working to develop and market two technologies:
• GrayMatter, which addresses the challenges of Big Data
• SafetyGate, distributed networks (p2p) which provide solutions to address the risks inherent in transmitting sensitive information

Aleph-Networks was named a Jeune Entreprise Innovante (French Young Innovative Company) upon its creation.

A complete anti-drone solution, CerbAir allows you to detect, identify and neutralize malicious drones before they enter your site. Coming from French research, our radio frequency and optical technologies protect you from all civilian drones. Finally, our real time alert and evidence-collection system enables you to neutralize the drone threat thanks to diverse countermeasures such as jamming and net throwers.

DIODON Drone Technology develops mini-drones for search-and-rescue, reconnaissance and other military missions. Lightweight, compact and rugged, the DIODONs are uniquely built on a foldable inflatable structure : inflating the drone and initiating it requires less than a minute and a single operator. Thanks to its inflatable structure and waterproof system, the DIODONs are able to take-off and land on land, water or snow and withstand the roughest conditions.

ELIKA TEAM innovates by adopting an exclusively pragmatic approach to language learning. They created the first concept of “engineering and innovative language solutions for defense”, and like all players in the defense world they set up specific language programs for the armed forces.

INTERNEST has developed a compact and easy to use local positioning system. It allows drones to know their position within a centimeter, even indoors, and can take over the GPS in areas where greater accuracy is required. Based on this technology, they have developed a precision landing module for drones, and designed the hardware and software that allow any drone to land autonomously with unprecedented accuracy.

JALGOS was born out of the conviction that data holds powerful hidden insights with huge potential to transform businesses and humankind. We believe that a rigorously scientific approach is critical in effectively revealing and harnessing the power of data. Our team is dedicated to innovation, mathematical modeling and computer science, organised as an applied research center specialised in artificial intelligence, data science and algorithm design.

LINKURIOUS is an award-winning visualization startup founded in 2013 and partner of the International Investigative Journalist Consortium (ICIJ) since the Swiss Leaks and the Panama Papers scandals. They created a software solution that helps government agencies and Fortune 500 companies identify and investigate insights hidden in complex connected data. Their on-premise graph visualization and analysis software is used for fraud detection, intelligence, cybersecurity or IT management.

To correct numerical deviations, engineers currently test the same mathematical formula in as many forms as possible to find the best, and then check whether it is sufficiently stable and accurate… but it can be quite a challenge to test everything in a given time frame. With NUMALIS, you can automatically detect any calculation issues during the development phase and then select the proposed correction in order to reduce numerical deviation and, consequently, optimize stability and performance.

OTHELLO offers a scientific approach of human behavior. They evaluate and analyze individuals’ reactions. Then they build statistic decision-support models specifically adapted to every situation on the ground, that are used to differentiate lie from the truth at a rate over 75%. Thus they help people in charge of evaluating suspects’ reliability to secure their decisions.

PHYSIP is a French company based in Paris, specializing in sleep and vigilance analysis using brain activity measured with electroencephalography (EEG).  Physip designs, develops and commercializes a range of innovative software solutions, all based on the same approach: a fully automated analysis, based on EEG only, and using 2 EEG sensors only: sleep analysis, sleep pressure measurement and risk of impaired performance.

The STERBLUE Cloud is an industrial platform that automates industrial drone-based inspection. From automatic flight plan generation to processing and visualising data, it takes care of the whole value chain. Sterblue has developped 4 industrial inspection applications for high and very high-tension grid, wind turbines and fences.

SURICOG or the “connected eye” has been launching 2 unique, proprietary solutions:

  • EyeDee, a world premiere solution using the eye as a real-time, digital cursor for industry-grade applications
  • EyeBrain, the first CE marked medical device for clinical and scientific oculometric needs.

SuriCog has assembled a world class team of experts in neurosciences, optoelectronics, algorithms, and big data to build an indisputable know-how in Human Machine Interfaces and Medical Technologies.

UNIRIS designed the world most advanced biometric authentication based on 12 patents. Uniris biometric device is transportable and compatible with many computer devices. It can recognize any person from the world population and learn the morphological evolutions of the identified individuals, for the first time without any keys storage. Uniris also designed a revolutionary communication system without any setting and resistant to quantum computers by changing the cryptographic key for every communication.

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For any information: Mathilde HERMAN, « Generate » Project manager / 01 44 14 58 27