Capacity Approach


With a view to supporting exports and promoting the expertise of French industries, GICAT has produced capacity brochures for the operational requirements of the armed forces on specific themes.

Airmobile & Air Cavalry Operations

This brochure presents the technical and operational fields of air combat and the industrial response to their requirements.


Fire support

The past ten years have highlighted the growing importance of the artillery in conducting successful external operations around the world.


Modelling & Simation

The army’s operational simulation system is the response provided to three problems: responsive evolution of operational requirements, rapid evolution of dual technologies and erosion of the resources available in this field.

Couverture Plaquette Simulation

Logistics support

To provide the equipment and services to fulfill the operational requirements of the armed forces in the “logistics support” field, GICAT industrial partners provide a range of relevant skills available in France.



Recent conflicts have shown the necessity to simultaneously deploy coercive actions, establish zone control and provide support to populations within a region or a city.


Multi role armored vehicule (MRAV)

The operational feedback learnt provided by the land forces deployed on the field of operations abroad show a new technical, technological and operational breakthrough in the sector of armored vehicles.


Special Operations Forces

Special Operations Forces (SOF) are the concrete expression of military ambition and political will, as their engagement is aimed at achieving specific strategic objectives.