The Asian Event Dedicated to Homeland and Civil Security

In a market with strong needs in security matters, ASIA PACIFIC HOMELAND SECURITY (APHS) responds to the expectations of governements, critical businesses and industries.



Asia Pacific is a very dynamic region with a strong economic growth. This area is subject to important risks of natural and industrial disasters, and needs solutions to prevent, detect, analyse and allow authorities/heads of companies to find immediate and sustainable solutions.

Homeland security spending will center on equipment and technologies that could avert and provide resilience against the threat of cross border terrorism, cyber fraud and cybercrime, CBRN threats, piracy, drug trade, human trafficking and internal dissent, to name a few.

Nowadays, Asia-Pacific is a major area of tourism development with a strong increase in infrastructures such as hotels, entertainment parks, equipped historical sites, casinos, etc. These facilities require devices and systems allowing the authorities to prevent threats and problems.

Investment in oil and gas infrastructure has increased, and the industry is facing rapidly evolving threats to the security of its critical infrastructure, as with other similarly sensitive infrastructures around the region.

Major international companies are based in this region and need security solutions to protect their personnel and their sensitive infrastructures. They also need devices to monitor their complex systems and facilities (for example: pipe-lines, oil and gas platforms, mining sites, nuclear plants, hotels, transportation, leisure and entertainment parks, etc.)

To give a global overview of this domain, Asia Pacific Homeland Security will join an international exhibition to a conference programme.

Eurosatory, the world-leading event in Defence and Security fields, supports Asia Pacific Homeland Security in providing the same quality level at this event, on both the business and network tools and on the quality of infrastructure Asia Pacific Homeland Security is the place to develop your business, enhance your network and advance your knowledge.

For more information: www.aphs15.com