Joining GICAT

Joining GICAT, means…

  • Participating in discussions between industrial players and institutional representatives, access to services, boosting your network and improving your visibility
  • Acting as part of a group considered a reference in matters related to land and air-land defense and security
  • Contributing to France’s defense and security excellence

Useful services

  1. Access to information:
  • Discussion and information seminars with institutions
  • Meeting days for large corporations and SMEs
  • High-level themed conference program
  • Networking between industrial partners and/or decision makers, etc.
  1. Export support:
  • Monitoring of national and international invitations to tender (
  • Country studies prior to exhibitions and market surveys
  • Technology watch at exhibitions
  • Patent monitoring
  • Assistance services for exhibitions
  • Guide to export financing
  • Export control support service
  • Shared exhibition space on GICAT stands, etc.
  1. Communication – Public relations:
  • Defense and security groups, Cercle Prospective Terre and Cercle SécuriTerre
  • Arguments and awareness communications for institutional decision-makers
  • Various communication media (directory, exhibition brochures, company datasheets on the website, capacity brochures, etc.)
  • Daily press reviews on sector news
  • Lobbying assistance

Subscription conditions, according to GICAT statutes

Active member

  • Open to companies under French law and private, public or parastatal research institutes operating at least one of the following activities in France: study, development, manufacture, implementation, promotion and sale.
  • These activities must concern land and air-land defense and security equipment, systems or services.
  • Any entity, with or without its own legal status, at the head of a group of companies or subsidiaries generating joint turnover, consolidated for the entity, of at least 150 million euros in GICAT’s fields of activity may also apply to become a member.

Associate member

  • Any French person, company, enterprise, association, legal organization making a significant contribution to the aforementioned activities, but not meeting the conditions to be an active member.

Any company applying for membership as a sales office, agent structure or distributor (notably of foreign products, equipment, or systems) is excluded.

All applications are submitted to the members of the GICAT Board of Directors for approval.

For further information, please contact Jérémy Vigna: