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A propos d’Orolia

Orolia est le leader mondial dans le développement de solutions résilientes de positionnement, de navigation et de temps (PNT) visant à améliorer la fiabilité, les performances et la sécurité des opérations critiques, à distance et à haut risque. Présent dans plus de 100 pays, Orolia fournit des solutions GPS/ GNSS et PNT sécurisées pour la prise en charge des applications militaires et commerciales à travers le monde. Time and Location You Can Trust™.

Produits et services


Orolia’s SecureFind™ Combat Rescue Beacon (CRB) is an innovative military positioning device designed to optimize successful rescue operations for warfighters in distress.

VersaPNT Assured Positioning, Navigation, and Timing Solution

Next-generation resilient position, navigation, and timing in a small, rugged package.  GNSS performance is augmented with advanced alternative PNT technologies to ensure your system is always ready to perform accurately and reliably.

VersaSync Rugged GPS Time and Frequency Reference System

A low SWaP, high performance GPS master clock and network time server that delivers accurate, software configurable time and frequency signals.

8230AJ GPS/GNSS Anti-Jam Outdoor Antenna

The Model 8230AJ is a high gain (40 dB) GNSS outdoor antenna. It uses a three-stage low noise amplifier, a mid-section SAW, and a tight pre-filter to protect against saturation by high level sub-harmonics and L-band signals. The Anti-Jam antenna rejects signals for the lower elevation angles – where most of the interference comes from.

SARBE 6-406G Evo - Personal Locator Beacon

SARBE EVO 6-406 Personal Locator Beacons give personnel the ability to send a distress alert from anywhere on the earth’s surface.

SARBE G2R Evo - Personal Locator Beacon

Innovation. quality and flexibility are built into the SARBE G2R Evo. The most advanced product ever to bring a new level of performances to the Personal Locator Beacon technologies.

SARBE G2R ELT Evo - Emergency Locator Transmitter

SARBE G2R ELT Evo is designed and manufactured to meet the relevant environmental standards and conditions of MIL-STD-810G. Used on its own or two supplement and existing fixed ELT, SARBE G2R ELT Evo is a flexible & economical survival air providing an essential lifeline if the unexpected happens.


Provides the user with a position and identity readout of up to 64 individually tracked beacons.


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