Multi role armored vehicule

Qui sommes nous?

Directed by the Michael UNAC, UNAC SAS’ headquarters are in VERGEZE, between MONTPELLIER and NÎMES in Southern France.

Historic worldwide specialist for more than 40 years in conception and realisation of trenchers for the installation of underground networks, UNAC have taken their experience and applied it in manufacturing small and medium sized mobile hydrostatic power transmission vehicles in the road-rail, military, forestry and snow-removal fields.

Originally founded in 1943, UNAC is directed today by Michael Unac, a descendant from a long line of entrepreneurs. Michael Unac, took up the family torch with the same passion that the past 2 generations displayed; each one used their creativity, desire and work ethic from manufacturing agricultural trailers to designing specialized machines on the cutting-edge of technology to make UNAC an undeniable player in promising sectors such as integrated underground conduit installation systems or dual-purpose road-rail machines, as well as state-of-the-art military dozers.


o the contrary of capitalistic multinational companies, UNAC bases its development on the most fundamental of human values: creativity, user-friendliness, listening, expertise, feedback, and customer service.

Current manufacturing trends are pushing manufacturers to become assemblers. UNAC decided to preserve their extensive expertise that covers all stages of production, from boiler and sheet metal works to electricity, including machining of parts. A UNAC carrier is therefore a home-made solution, crafted with care, which only those who see the product created from start to finish can provide.

The company has internal values that are tried and true, which always enable them to meet their customers’ needs. The value of UNAC products is the result of capitalizing on expertise.

Produits et services

EGAME - Multi-purpose wheeled earth mover








The EGAME (Landscape engineering machine) is a multi-purpose vehicle designed to meet the military’s needs in deployment missions, be it for earthworks, topsoil stripping, snow removal, disembarkation or release cutting in urban environments.


The EGAME is a bulldozer with 4-wheel drive and steering, powered by UNAC’s HYD-rev hydrostatic drive.
It chassis, a carrier structure with mechanically welded box-section side rails, supports a 253 hp diesel CATERPILLAR engine, and is designed to hold various tools. The machine is custom-made, from start to finish, with special drive axles. The EGAME has a comfortable cab with removable armour.


  • It is approved to follow tactical and logistic convoys at speeds of 40km/h with a maximum speed of 65km/h.
  • It is a multi-purpose machine that can hold various tools such as blades with ripper teeth, a winch, a mulching head, a snow plough or blower, a carpet-layer system, or even a mine clearance system.
  • Vehicle designed to allow crossing of 1m deep fords.
  • Allows carpets to be laid to facilitate travel for machines that have less motivity.
  • Option of increasing the slope crossing and traction/thrust capacities by integrating twinned wheels in the rear.
  • Designed to work in extreme environments; salt water, mud, high altitude, sand and extreme temperatures from -25°C to 50°C.
  • On-board armour support system for storage when not in use.
  • Large all-terrain capacity with large angles of attack and 35° cross-slope movement abilities.
  • Very tight steering radius – only 3.98m.

AMPHIBIAN function

  • In the remit of their tasks of setting up of beach runways, the EGAME can roll out carpet for improving the movements on beaches. It can take 100m of carpet divided in two spools, one in front and one in back.
  • Its coiling system allows it to load and unload their spools on logistic trucks, espacially on TRM 1000
  • It can also repulse CTM landing barges of the Armée De Terre
EGAME Policy Forces








The EGAME is a multi-purpose vehicle  designed to meet the police’s needs in urban environment.
• Tested and approved by French  Gendarmerie
• Very compact and powerful
• Fireproof painting
• Compliant with STANAG 4569 – Level 2
• Ability to cross 1 m deep fords



The EGAME is a police vehicle based on the  military UNAC bulldozer with 4-wheel  drive and steering, powered by UNAC’s HYD-rev hydrostatic drive. Its chassis, a  carrier structure with mechanically welded  boxsection side rails, supports a 253 hp  diesel CATERPILLAR engine, and is  designed to hold various tools. The  machine is custom-made from start to finish, with special drive axles. The EGAME  has a comfortable cab with  removable armour.


• Tested and approved at the French Gendarmerie training center of St Astier.
• Approved to follow tactical and logistic convoys at speeds of 40 km/h with a maximum speed of 65 km/h.
• Multi-purpose machine able to hold  various tools such as blades with ripper  teeth, winch, mulching head, snow plough or blower and carpet-layer system.
• Vehicle designed to allow crossing of 1 m  deep fords.
• Twinned wheels available as an option to  increase slope crossing and traction/thrust capacities.
• Designed to work in extreme  environments: salt water, mud, high  altitude, sand and extreme temperatures  from -25 °C up to 50 °C.



TNA - Air Dropable Bulldozer







The TNA is an air droppable (by parachute), super-compact machine on caterpillar tracks. It ensures the following missions

  • Preparation and improvement of airport platforms (levelling, snow-removal, deforestation, mulching, etc.) to allow air plane landing and take-off
  • The opening and basic landscaping of access routes
  • Removal of obstacles on the runway or approaches
  • Creation or restoration of lanes for recovering loads
  • Participation in basic protection of forces (slopes and shooting or surveillance locations).

The TNA is a compact 6.5 tonne bulldozer that can be equipped with a backhoe on the front and a ripper on the back.
The chassis is made of high elasticity steel. The chassis composition is completely optimised. The high-resistance aluminium alloy is used to obtain very high weight/resistance ratios. The chassis holds the caterpillar tracks, engine, tanks and cab.

The cab is made mobile by cylinders, which also enables it to be placed in an ultra-compact transport and parachute position. The cab is ROPS/FOPS certified. It is equipped with removable armour that meets the STANAG 4569 level 2 standard, as well as anti-mine armour standards.



  • Track drive transmission with one dedicated pump per track
  • Above average weight/power ratio with a 100 cv CATERPILLAR engine for 6.5t
  • Multi-purpose use with its multi-use blade (lifting, strip and overturning), ripper teeth and backhoe
  • Mobility with speeds up to 11 km/h
  • Its strategic transport capabilities on very short notice, due to its ability to be transported in various types of aeroplanes.
  • Its ability to be air-dropped from C130s, C160s and A4000Ms
  • Its ability to be transported on C130s, C160s and A4000Ms
  • Its ability to be transported on NATO heavy helicopters such as the CH47 or CH53
  • The cab that can be lowered to optimise its envelope when launched
  • Integration of high-tech materials that optimise its weight and offer extreme resistance of up to 50 Gs of force on landing.
  • Option of including a PR4G radio station
  • Includes a NATO intervehicle socket
  • Armour is removable to return to civil mode or for work in no-risk areas
  • Armour can be assembled/dismantled in only an hour
  • The carrier has an integrated armour storage compartment so that the machine can transport it independently.


Excavator rail/road 20TRR

The 20TRR is a high-capacity road-rail excavator that can perform earthwork tasks directly from a railroad track with great freedom of movement and with a large lifting capacity.


The 20TRR is a self-propelled vehicle with hydrostatic drive. This road-rail excavator is intended for any railway works. This vehicles is initially a Caterpillar excavator on which is maintened the same boom kinematics as the original machine and then modified in order to benefit from:

  • Setting up of clipped counterweight to lift huge loads
  • A sophisticated UNAC SMART-CS peripheral-view and operator indication system to receive real-time information regarding the machine, its load, and tilt, and to configure limits.
  • Two UNAC-HDTP motorized rail axles for hydrostatic driving and braking, without necessity of oscillating axle – Exclusive UNAC concept.


  • Very safe system, satisfying the most stringent road-rail standards, allowing to work under live wires
  • Real-time indication of track cant and load, without restraint on the machine
  • Very flexible axles that help to reduce risks of toppling and can tolerate high twists of tracks
  • Can work in both directions of the rail tracks thanks to the turret’s continual full rotation and the rear-view cameras
  • Electronic security system for the boom’s kinematics (different contact wire height levels) and for the rotation depending on a track’s status (cant and slope, adjacent track side, etc…)
  • Great acceleration and deceleration when on tracks to optimize time spent on work sites, even under rain situation thanks to the full hydrostatic system on the railway wheels (no contact with tires)
  • Wide range of usable tools: auger, hydraulic rock breaker, buckets, hammers, universal pliers, hydraulic shears, mechanical pliers, compactor, clips with claws, loading bin, earthwork bin, and stripping beam
  • The Caterpillar initial warranty is officially maintained. The excavator benefits from the UNAC after-sales service and from Caterpillar’s dynamic after-sales network.
  • Maintains the original excavator’s lifting and earthmoving workings capacities. The R/R excavator can lift 2T to a distance of up to 6m from the track centre, in an unfavourable cant situation and can therefore handle heavy equipment or also off-track works.
  • Possibility to make earthmoving and lifting from a track to the opposite side of the adjacent track
  • Equipped with a sophisticated system UNAC SMART-CS, which allows to work in safe and controlled space, and maximize the work space
  • Luxury/Comfort version cab of Caterpillar, getting an optimal ergonomic of the commands, and matching comfort, soundproofing, visibility and air conditionning.
160C - Forestry Mulching Vehicle








The new caterpillar tracks forest machine 160C² is the product of 15 years of UNAC experience in forest grinding and ground clearing. Its caterpillar tracks, entirely redesigned, allow it to work on the most difficult environments, while keeping a strong stability and comfort in cabin. Its size reduced permits to weave in and out branches.


The new carerpillar tracks forest machine 160C² is the product of 15 years of UNAC experience in forest grinding and ground clearing. Its caterpillar tracks, entirely redesigned, allow it to work on the most difficult environments, while keeping a strong stability and comfort in cabin. Its size reduced permits to weave in and out branches.


  • Compact machine and small size for a allroad mobility, mixing manoeuvrability and robutness, with an optimum strability thanks to its lowered centre of gravity.
  • Machine equipped with UNAC technology, allowing to increase grinding performance, avoid mecanic problems and decreaser fuel consumption.
  • 100% oh hydraulic power available to the tool.
  • Tie system “3 points” conformed to Category 2 and picking up system directly linked to caterpillar tracks.
  • Caterpillar tracks sized to maximize impact resistance, and equipped withflat shoes double edge for a better manoeuvrability and a low floor marking with floor pressure of 0.53 kg/cm².
  • Robust machine designed for forest work with reinforced armouring above the frame and unclettered design. No componentexhibited to the environment for a maimum life duration.
  • 360° visibility with panoramic view and peripheric and back cam for secured moves.
  • Cabine certified ROPS/FOPS/OPS answering to European norms in terms of safety.
  • Powered LED work lights in front of and behind the machine for a better visibility by night.
  • Ergonomic and adjustable pneumatic seat, and cabin equipped with cooling and eating system, radio for an ideal comfort work space.
  • User’s interface enabling direct display of all hydraulic and engine parameters.


Michaël UNAC
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Benjamin ESPANA

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