Airport protection

Airport protection

In the traditional understanding, airport security is aimed at securing aircraft before departure by screening 100% of passengers, personnel, as well as hand and hold luggage in order to detect any object capable of jeopardising the flight (firearms, explosives, etc.), moreover in this period of mutation of the threat. Where targeted attacks carrying a claim or specific political message once prevailed, present-day threat materialises in attempted and alas sometimes successful mass killings committed by disturbed or completely radicalised individuals.

Our airports are ultimately complex ecosystems combining, when it comes to security, very sophisticated technologies with well-trained and thoroughlytested staff. Security is more than a priority – it is an unwavering obsession to make our airports into places that are safe, pleasant and true to the attractiveness of France.

In this context, our airports must be vigilant about protection and safety durant all these steps :

  • Engineering, Project Management Assistance, Project Contracting Assistance
  • Air Transport Security
  • Platform Protection
  • Airport Building Protection
  • Operations

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