Crowd management

Crowd management

With its culture and history of social mediation, France has developed proven and undeniable expertise in the field of crowd management. Crowd management measures are implemented according to legislation and human rights laws.

The French security forces, in collaboration with French industries, have developed and continue to improve a range of products suitable to all operational situations.

This brochure presents an overall offer in terms of crowd management capacities. It lists the various cases of crowd management, proposing possible solutions based on the products and services of the companies in the GICAT security cluster.


Crowd management

The permanent mission of the security forces is to maintain public order. The spectrum is vast:

  • Security squad: large, peaceful events (concerts, festivals, sporting events, etc.);
  • Maintaining public order: authorized demonstrations of all kinds, disruption of public order (disorder or protests of different kinds);
  • Restoring public order: riots, violence.

The difficulties of such events are generally due to:

  • Their geographic scope and the concentration of large numbers of people within a defined perimeter in urban or rural areas;
  • Movements caused by crowd flow;
  • The diverse population of demonstrators (pacific, hostile, etc.).

Adapted to the situation, the response of the security forces is contained, measured and proportional.

Crowd management involves the implementation of protection and self-protection security measures. These measures include various means: information, organization, equipment and logistics, as well as services and training for intervention personnel.

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