The challenges of computer threats are a reality in today’s world. Attacks and their consequences are brought to our attention on a daily basis, be it in terms of lost personal data with a direct impact on private individuals, or the loss of sensitive data belonging to businesses and administrations. To counter these problems, GICAT and Hexatrust, the group of SMEs and start-ups, French champions in the field of cybersecurity, have formed a partnership based on the complementarity of the two organizations. Hexatrust reflects the skills and expertise of innovative SMEs in the cybersecurity sector.

GICAT supports this industrial ecosystem, providing its export support capacities, with presence at international exhibitions and the implementation of prospection missions and associated services. The « cybersecurity » capacity brochure lists a certain number of French companies wishing to develop their international activities. Their expertise and capacity for innovation are recognized in the fields of information system security, digital trust and cybersecurity. Some have been awarded the France Cybersecurity label, an undeniable token of security and quality.


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