Safe City

Safe City

We are entering an era of connected police and rescue. Alongside this effort to bring in modern technology, we must retain and develop our human competencies. The safe city will not be a city where police officers and firefighters are staring at a cell phone screen. It will be a city where these professionals use this technology to simplify their day-to-day activities and spend more time listening to the public and interacting with the population they are assigned to protect.

Safe cities capability components can be sorted in a number of ways. For example, they can be broken down by stakeholder (residents, authorities, municipal workers, elected officials etc.), by objective (safety of people, society, economy, environment…) or by required capability and the means to provide it. We prefer the capability-driven approach because it provides a better understanding of what the companies in this brochure can offer. Our breakdown delineates a total of 16 basic capabilities in 5 categories (detection, analysis, decision-making, action, support).

While not claiming to be exhaustive, it does help create an intelligible ranking for most of the solutions available for Safe Cities. This categorization contains different solutions that help establish a high level of confidence and a feeling of safety in public places or support other capabilities, such as smart public lighting.

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