Special Intervention Units

Special Intervention Units

The increase of incidents attributable to the terrorist threat may affect the functioning of institutions and destabilize the State. To address the problem, law enforcement agencies must be ready to intervene urgently in degraded conditions whilst at the same time retaining control of the capabilities essential to managing this type of incident.

To be effective in dealing with crises it is important to anticipate and adapt to the way the adversary changes. Thus a Special Internvetion Unit is constantly evolving in both methods of action and the definition of its materials. It is particularly important to understand the ways in which the adversary’s operating methods evolve, in order to better fight it.

Special Intervention Units must manage the following capacities :

  • Command : planning and conduct (C2)
  • Transmissions (C2)
  • Intelligence/ATR
  • Mobility/Projection
  • Protection
  • Breaking-in and covert entry
  • Fire Power
  • CBRN
  • Training