« Pavillon France » brochures
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« Pavillon France » brochures

Pavillon France brochures boost the visibility of the companies present. They are distributed to all journalists, official delegations and visitors, offering an overview of all the companies and solutions presented on the pavilion.

Editorial by the Chairman of GICAT

At each exhibition where GICAT federates a « Pavillon France », the chairman writes an editorial reviewing the presence of French industries in the country in question, and the bilateral political and trade relations.

Edito by the Chairman – IDEF 2015


Boosting the visibility of the French offer

A normalized, clear table enables rapid identification of all the French industrial companies present on the pavilion. The stand numbers make it easy for visitors to locate and contact the company of interest directly.

French Manufacturers – IDEF 2015


Promoting the expertise of French industry

Each exhibitor company has a datasheet to indicate the products and solutions to be promoted at the exhibition. A direct contact point enables interested visitors to contact the listed companies.

French Brochure – IDEF 2015


For further information: François Mattens – francois.mattens@gicat.fr