Special Operations Forces

Special Operations Forces

Special Operations Forces (SOF) are the concrete expression of military ambition and political will, as their engagement is aimed at achieving specific strategic objectives. To do so, the Special Operations Command must gain and maintain the best possible situational awareness of the environment they will be operating in, plan future missions leveraging their imaginative and innovative approach and by integrating an array of key national and international partners.

In this context, the Special Operations Command is particularly sensitive to the development of its capability to anticipate (future equipment and engagements) and its ability to innovate (retain technological advantage It is the continuous and relentless pursuit of excellence and strategic in a complex and rapidly changing operating environment. After reflection comes the time for engagement and action, where professionalism, technical precision of the operators and flawless execution will ensure the success of the mission.

Special Forces operate within the full spectrum of operations, namely: prevention, intervention and stabilization. In an increasingly complex environment, they must adapt the scale and scope of their actions. Hence, they are rapidly becoming the backbone of a highly integrated system of forces, comprising an increasing number and variety of technical and human assets. This operational integrated system is designed to allow the planning and execution of kinetic as well as non-kinetic operations, in the three dimensions. The French Special Forces Command specifically rely on the following capacities :

  • ICTS and Command
  • Mobility
  • Action
  • Intelligence
  • Medical support
  • OMA