Cercle Prospective Terre

The Cercle Prospective Terre is a place to exchange and discuss with national elected representatives, opinion leaders, military leaders, political and industrial decision-makers. It aims to promote the sharing of experience and emergence of ideas on the operations and equipment of the future, in close collaboration with the ground forces.

Prospective TErre

For many years, ground forces have occupied a central role in France’s military interventions. Large contingents of ground forces have been and are still deployed in Bosnia, Kosovo, Lebanon, Ivory Coast, and Afghanistan, and often for long periods. Their action was decisive during various operations, including Serval in Mali, Sangaris in Central African Republic and Barkhane in Sahel. More recently, in response to the terrorist attacks in January and November 2015, Operation Sentinelle involves some 10,000 soldiers, and will continue to do so indefinitely, on the national territory to ensure the security of sensitive sites and to provide essential assistance to the security forces required by implementation of the highest level of the Vigipirate plan. This permanent support has led political leaders to consider revising the headcount reductions planned in the military programming act to maintain ground force troop projections at 77,000 men.

It is therefore especially important, particularly for defense industries in the land sector, to meet the needs of the forces by providing the most efficient equipment possible for their operations, while simplifying training conditions and maintenance, repair and operations.

This is exactly what the Cercle Prospective Terre is all about. The Cercle Prospective Terre is a place to meet, exchange and discuss the challenges of land defense, bringing together national elected representatives, military leaders, political and industrial decision-makers and opinion leaders, to promote the sharing of experience and the emergence of ideas concerning current and future land operations. At a time when France must optimize the budget resources devoted to its armed forces, the Cercle Prospective Terre hopes to contribute to the dynamism of the defense debate.

Cercle Prospective Terre dinners are by invitation only.

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