Our missions

Our missions

1. Defend the interests of the profession and promote the French industrial offer for export

GICAT defends the interests of the profession with the highest political and governmental, civil and military, national, European and international authorities.

It promotes the industrial offer of its members and supports their export development (federation of French pavilions at international trade shows, prospecting missions, search for local industrial partnerships, monitoring of calls for tender, cluster, etc.).

GICAT’s international influence is based on the international trade shows EUROSATORY in France, PLATINUM in Monaco, SHIELDAFRICA in Ivory Coast and EXPODEFENSA in Colombia organized by its subsidiary COGES, as well as on a number of French pavilions at defence and/or security trade shows abroad.


2. To be a force of proposal

GICAT is a force for proposal through seven active commissions that bring together manufacturers, users and decision-makers on themes that make sense for the profession: Security, R&T (RTI), Land Support Transformation (C2S), International Affairs (CPI), Communication, Land Defence SMEs, Human Resources (HR).
These commissions are complemented by working groups and clusters.


3. Positioning itself as a useful dialogue body between manufacturers and users

Through its seminars, conferences, joint working groups, dinners and breakfast debates, GICAT contributes to the structuring and maintenance of a useful dialogue between industry and institutional customers in order to ensure the best match between users’ needs and the industrial offer.


4. To provide our members with a range of services


  • Breakfast and dinner debates
  • Directory
  • Website (www.gicat.fr)
  • Publication of guides
  • Press review


  • Strategic watch
  • Cycle of conferences
  • Seminars
  • MOI/SME Days

          Export support:

  • Monitoring of international tenders
  • Market studies/country studies
  • Technology watch on trade shows
  • Export control
  • Capacity brochure
  • Prospecting missions abroad