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Qui sommes nous?

Manufacture du Haut Rhin was previously known under the brand name MANURHIN. Two years ago, our company celebrated a century of being the global leader in the design, development and manufacturing of ammunition line machinery and equipment.

In particular, MHR specializes in small and medium caliber ammunition line manufacturing, from 4.6mm up to 14.5mm. In a recent past, Manurhin was also involved in medium caliber ammunition manufacture from 20 to 30 mm. A range of machines are still available in this field.

Our production 100% made in France is exported worldwide and we are proud, since our foundation in 1919, of having installed 13’000 machines, 5,000 of which still in operation, some dating back to the early 1920s. MHR is still today recognized as the benchmark in its field and known for its unrivalled reliability and consistent quality.

Our clients, in more than 60 countries around the globe, are sovereign states and their ministries.

Produits et services

Solutions for small and medium caliber ammunition production

Individual machines :

Machines such as the PD250, PD125 and PB31/14 have become known nomenclature in the ammunition production business.

Conversions :

Expansion of existing production capability through the introduction of additional types and calibres

Complete lines :

Installation of new lines to grown producers product range or green field manufacturing establishment of entire process



Provision of maintenance, repair and overhaul of existing machinery to ensure optimal rate and quality of production

Spare parts :

Ongoing supply of machinery spare parts and management of obsolesces including electrical and control systems

Tooling :

Original Equipment Manufacturer (“OEM”) Tooling with guaranteed quality and lifespan aligned to installed MHR process

Technical assistance :

Provision of technical support for short, medium and long term deployments thereby availing OEM level expertise in your facilities

Process control


Metallurgical physical and chemical tests for raw material analysis


Control during each stage of production as well as final dimension in accordance with international standards


Possibilities of both automated and visual aspect controls to monitor continued levels of quality


Final product ballistic testing and calibration to ensure conformity with international standards.


Directeur des Opérations
Jean-Marc MULLER
Directeur commercial
Directeur industriel
Thierry GUIDAT
Directeur financier
Thomas ZERR
Directrice des ressources humaines
Véronique GASMI

Quelques chiffres

10 000 000 €
CA 2020
28 M€

Implantations en France et à l’étranger

Domaines d’activités

C06 - Armes et munitions de moyen calibre (20 à 40 mm) - Tourelles, canons, lances-grenades, nacelles et supports

C06 - Medium Calibre Weapons and Ammunition (20 to 40 mm) - Turrets, Pods, Grenade Launchers, Guns & Mounts

C07 - Armes et munitions de petit calibre < 20 mm - Pistolets, fusils, fusils mitrailleurs, tourelles et supports

C07 - Small Calibre Weapons and Ammunition < 20 mm - Pistols, Rifles, Machine Guns, Turrets, Accessories

L02 - Engineering - Design Office - Prototyping

L02 - Ingénierie - Bureaux d'étude - Maquettes

L03 - Moyens de fabrication (Ateliers, outillage, robotique industrielle)

L03 - Workshops, Tools, Automated Systems

L05 - Control, Measuring and Testing Systems

L05 - Moyens de contrôle, de mesure et d'essais

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Jean-Marc MULLER

Directeur des Opérations


15 rue de Quimper

68060 Mulhouse Cedex 2


+33 (0)3389623000

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