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Qui sommes nous?

Musthane is a French private industrial company. We can boast a huge experience in France and worldwide in designing, manufacturing and completing projects with a high technological added value for our customers. Our major asset is our know-how which is combined, shared and capitalised by all employees on our variety of projects, with demanding customers. Our solutions often include flexible structures based on technical textiles. Our equipment has been designed for emergency situations or situations requiring high mobility.

Musthane are a reliable partner for stakeholders in the Defence industry thanks to genuine and efficient approaches: “Design to Flexibility®” and “Design to Mobility®” offered through international brands such as:

  • Mustmove®: Mobility assistance equipment such as rollable trackways and mats, Hélipad, Beach access, versatile rapid deploy tents
  • Muststore®: Fluid storage and distribution units such as Fuel bladders or water bladders. Mobile fuel filtration and dispensing units
  • Mustlift®: Mobile Military Aircraft or Heavy Vehicles Recovery Solutions based on lifting bags or lifting parachutes…
  • Muststop®: Environmental pollution containment as oil booms, oil spill recovery floating bladders
  • Mustshock®: Shock and vibration gel based absorption solutions for severe environment such as airborn equipments
  • Services: Technical and Economic Diagnosis, Project Management, Engineering, Installation, Training and Maintenance.

Produits et services

Muststore : collapsible tanks and refueling pumps & filters

Muststore® is the Musthane brand dedicated to many fluid storage and supply options. Most often used solutions as flexible tanks and pump units, are those that concern water (drinking or waste water), effluents and fuels.

Muststore® will enable you to access a fully integrated solution that meets your supply and storage requirements. All these solutions take into account operating mobility and agility requirements (Design To Mobility®) critical to be efficient in emergency cases.

Each situation includes extraordinary aspects (altitude, temperature, space…) and requires an adaptation and configuration of means tested in other cases. Our Engineering department has the experience required and capacity to examine your specifications to provide the best – cost-effective and technically efficient – solution.

video storage and refueling pumps & filters

Mustmove : Temporary access roads, helicopter landing mats, tents, Vehicle Recovery System

Mustmove® is the brand of Musthane dedicated to tactical mobility equipment. This brand is at the heart of our Design to Mobility® by addressing exclusively peace keeping or humanitarian operations.

The base products for the tactical mobility offered by Musthane are portable track-ways and shelter: you can access quite everywhere thanks to our equipment and you will have a shelter to operate professionally. For example, our temporary track way and access road provide access to all types of vehicles rolling over the land without the risk of getting bogged down, our helipads landing mats offer airstrips for your helicopters.

Mustmove® is a fast growing and extended skills brand where our Engineering Department designs and implements the turn-key solution according to your requirements: field hospitals, equipped camp, mobile CBRN decontamination units, COLPRO, mobility mat dispensers, aircraft recovery mats…

Video Vehicle Recovery Units

Video Temporary Access Road

Video Helicopter Landing Mats

Video Beach Access

Mustlift : inflatable lifting bags and underwater parachutes

Mustlift® is our trademark offering solutions for hoisting heavy loads to customers. We use, in particular, technical textiles transformed into watertight structures (lifting bags) to be able to lift extremely heavy loads (e.g. A380 airbus)) in extraordinary circumstances (e.g. an A380 airbus whose « nose » went off the landing runway and remained stuck in the mud) and also lifting bags or bags used to break stone blocks in quarries.

Mustlift® brand is also dedicated to inflatable floats and underwater lifting bags that allow the underwater handling and movement of heavy loads.

Mustlift® gave birth to renowned equipments making available an offer dedicated to a specific industry. For example, MARS® (Mobile Aircraft Recovery System) offers a complete solution to rescue aircrafts using light-weight and mobile equipment.


Muststop : oil booms ,towable floating tanks and inflatable plugs

Musthane designs and builds efficient inflatable solutions for the protection of the environment. Pneumatic solutions developed may either be used as preventive or corrective actions after accidents have occurred.

Equipment items are usually based on flexible inflatable structures and they are mobile.

Musthane offers all services required to keep such equipment in an operating state.

Systems developed include:           

  • Isolation of industrial sites by a network of antipollution inflatable stoppers & plugs
  • Unit for collecting oil spillage aboard floating tanks
  • Anti-flooding dam and inflatable booms
  • Collapsible waste storage tanks

Each year, our engineering team develops products requested by our customers.

Mustshock : Gel passive shock absorbers

Mustshock® is the Musthane trademark that offers protective systems against shocks and vibrations involving gel-based composites.

Mustshock® passive shock absorbers quite efficiently protect on-board electronic devices. Musthane has a vibrator used to simulate test situations for shock absorbers developed. These tests are conducted on the basis of a composite selected from our data base including more than 800 different formulations and combinations.

Some applications for gel passive shock absorbers:

Military sector

  • Ejectable seat tests
  • Protecting equipment during parachuting and air-drops.
  • Parachute rating.
  • Low frequency mechanical protection.
  • Sound barrier
  • Thermal insulation
  • Electrical insulation

Video shock absorbers


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G07 - Individual Protective Equipment and Devices (CBRNe)

I02 - Camp Accommodation - Tents - Shelters - Temporary Installations

I05 - Treatment, Conditioning, and Storage of Water

I07 - Storage - Resupply - Tagging / Bar Coding

I13 - Decontamination Systems (CBRN)

J03 - Mobile and Field Hospitals

J07 - Rescue Equipment and Desincarceration Means

K03 - Ground Trafficability - Matting

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