Our services

Our services

To assist its members with their development, GICAT proposes a range of services, from access to strategic information to export support, not forgetting communication and public relations.

Access to strategic information

In a hyper-connected world, in which all kinds of unfiltered information travels across borders, it is essential that companies have access to relevant strategic information, particularly on an international level.

GICAT provides its members with various services to anticipate requirements, reach new markets and protect expertise:

  • Technology watch at exhibitions
  • Monitoring of invitations to tender
  • Patent monitoring
  • Sectoral studies
  • Work and discussion groups
  • Seminars / information days

Export support

Exports enable defense and security industries to compensate for the constraints on national budgets. During the production phase, they enable investment amortization with larger production runs. They also enable certain programs to be funded by export customers.

To help its members with their international development, GICAT proposes a range of « Export support » services:

  • Federation of national pavilions at exhibitions (« Pavillon France »)
  • « Pavillon France » brochures
  • Capacity brochures
  • Country files
  • Export trophy
  • Market prospection missions
  • Expert control assistance
  • Financial assistance for export

Communication and public relations

One of GICAT’s roles is to promote the expertise and image of the land and air-land defense and security industry. The group therefore deploys a communication and lobbying strategy and offers services to its members to optimize and develop their notoriety.

  • Daily press reviews
  • Visibility and guidance
  • Defense and security press trips
  • Cercle Prospective Terre group (defense)
  • Cercle SécuriTerre discussion group (security)