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Qui sommes nous?

Nexter is a company of KNDS (KMW+Nexter Defense Systems), the European leader in land defense.

Nexter mission is to meet the needs of armies all around the world, through the design, development and production of high-end defense systems, artillery and armored vehicles to land forces. Its expertise also covers the supply of systems and ammunition to air forces and navies.

Nexter’s revenue in 2016 was 771€ billion, of which 19% was reinvested in Research & Development. The Group has 3,320 employees on 10 sites in France, 2 sites in Italy (Simmel Difesa) and 1 site in Belgium (Mecar).

The Group continues to pursue its policy of international expansion, with 60% of orders coming from export markets in 2016. In France, Nexter is fully engaged in meeting the aims of the SCORPION Program, through the renovation of the LECLERC tank and the development, as part of a consortium with Renault Trucks Defense and Thales, of the future GRIFFON and JAGUAR vehicles.

A land defense systems integrator, Nexter is the manufacturer of a long line of vehicles including the Leclerc battle tank, the VBCI armored infantry fighting vehicle, the multi-use TITUS® 6×6 vehicle and the CAESAR® self-propelled howitzer. Nexter covers the entire life-cycle of its products and offers a wide range of support services to its customers, from design, through maintenance in operational condition, to decommissioning. Nexter’s service offering also covers training, with a catalogue of multi-modal options developed by the Nexter Training subsidiary.

In addition, Nexter offers expertise in a full range of key equipment and solutions, from land defense systems (T40 and ARX® land turret families), naval (NARWHAL®) and aviation (THL30/20) applications through to vetronics and C2 systems (FINDERS).

Ammunition Business Unit, incorporating Nexter Munitions, Mecar and Simmel Difesa, is the 3rd largest European group in its sector. It develops and produces a large range of ammunition from 20mm to 155mm, dedicated to land (artillery, infantry, armored vehicles and tanks) naval and air-land defense systems.

Lastly, Nexter draws on a number of equipment manufacturing subsidiaries such as Nexter Robotics, Nexter Mechanics, Nexter Electronics, Optsys, NBC-Sys and Euro-Shelter. Their engineering expertise allows them to supply combat-proven sub-systems and technologies to other parts of the Nexter group and to external clients in areas such as robotics, electronics, optics, mechanics, shelters and NRBC protection.

Nexter has also invested in building partnerships, most notably as part of CTA International, a joint venture with BAE Systems, which sells the 40 CTAS cannon.

Produits et services

Armoured vehicles

Nexter offers a complete range of armoured vehicles that includes the VBCI, the TITUS®, and the ARAVIS®.

Nexter armoured vehicles have been proven in different theatres of operation (Lebanon, Afghanistan, Mali, Central African Republic), both in high-intensity combat operations and for peacekeeping missions.

Artillery systems

Since 1764, with the delivery of its first artillery gun, Nexter has acquired extensive know-how in the field of artillery.

The systems developed by Nexter have always been considered world class, such as the CAESAR artillery system and the 105LG1 towed gun.


Nexter, the third biggest ammunition manufacturer in Europe, offers an innovative and comprehensive range of ammunition, from 20mm to 155mm calibre, pyrotechnic components and products dedicated to the protection of vehicles.


The subsidiaries of Nexter’s equipment division offer a portfolio of engineering and equipment solutions in the fields of optics, CBRN protection, mechanics, electronics and tactical shelters.



Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Nexter Group
Stéphane MAYER
Director of Institutional relations, Communication and Domestic Sales
Alexandre DUPUY
Director of External Communication
Laetitia BLANDIN

Quelques chiffres

CA 2016
771 M€
3 320

Chiffres clés

19% of turnover invested in Research & Development
60% of orders coming from export markets in 2016
10 sites in France
2 sites in Italy (Simmel Difesa)
1 site in Belgium (Mecar)

Implantations en France et à l’étranger

Roanne site of production

34 boulevard de Valmy
BP 504 / 42328 Roanne Cedex
Tél 04 77 44 79 00
Fax 04 77 44 79 67

Bourges site of production

7 route de Guerry
18023 Bourges Cedex
Tél 02 48 21 91 11
Fax 02 48 21 91 42

La Chapelle site of production

Route de Villeneuve
18570 La Chapelle Saint Ursin
Tél 02 48 68 71 71
Fax 02 48 68 70 54

Satory West

11 allée des Marronniers
78022 Versailles Cedex
Tél 01 39 49 30 00
Fax 01 39 49 34 89

Satory East

13 route de la Minière
78034 Versailles Cedex
Tél 01 30 97 37 37
Fax 01 30 97 39 78

Domaines d’activités

A01 - Up to 8 Tons Armoured Vehicles

A02 - Light Armoured and Unarmoured Vehicles < 8 tons

B02 - Armour - Add-on Armour - Slat-Armour - Protection kits - Hardened Glass

B09 - Electronics - Vetronics - On-board Systems

B15 - Vehicle Fuel Supply Systems and Fuel Tanks

C04 - Artillery Systems and Ammunitions (MLRS, Howitzers, Mortars, Guns)

C06 - Medium Calibre Weapons and Ammunition (20 to 40 mm) - Turrets, Pods, Grenade Launchers, Guns & Mounts

C10 - Fuses, Homing Heads, Guidance Systems

C11 - Land mines, Explosive Charges, Firing Mechanisms

C12 - Propellants, Explosives, Illuminating Devices, Flares, Pyrotechnics

C13 - Close Defence Weapons - Edged Weapons, Hand Grenades and Others

C14 - Components of Weapons

D01 - Command, Control, Communications & Information (C3I), Centers and Security Networks

D10 - Computers - Terminal Access Units - Personal Digital Assistants (PDA)

D17 - Electronic Components

D18 - Optical and Electro-Optical Components

E02 - Day-Night Vision Devices (Goggles, Sights, Thermal Imaging / Image Intensifier)

E06 - Geographical Information System - Position Finding - Navigation (GPS) - Geolocation

F02 - Gunnery, Driving and Piloting Simulators

F04 - Training Equipment - Simulation Devices

G11 - Miscellaneous Equipment (Lamps...)

I11 - Power Transportation, Distribution and Regulation

M17 - Demilitarization Equipment

Nous contacter

Military Advisor

Christian BERG

Port. : +33 (0)6 01 88 47 18


13 route de la Minière

78034 Versailles


+33 (0)1 30 97 37 37

+33 (0)1 30 97 39 00