To assist its members in their development, GICAT proposes a number of services, from access to strategic information to export support, not forgetting communication and public relations.

Access to strategic information

In a hyper-connected world, in which all kinds of unfiltered information travels across borders, it is essential that companies have access to relevant strategic information, particularly on an international level.

GICAT therefore proposes a number of services to its members to anticipate their needs and access new markets, while protecting their expertise.

Technology watch at exhibitions

GICAT/COGES conducts a technology watch at the main land and air-land defense and security exhibitions (AUSA, DSEI, Eurosatory, IDEF, IDEX, Indodéfense, MSPO, etc.) on behalf of its members, gathering information on the equipment presented and announcing the release of innovations via summary documents.


Monitoring of invitations to tender

GICAT provides its members with a joint commercial monitoring service in the following sectors: military land vehicles, air-land (drones, helicopters, missiles), C4ISR-Optronics, logistics support and homeland security (crowd management, site protection, emergency situations). A monitoring service is operated for invitations to tender.


Patent monitoring

Patents are a source of technical information enabling the identification of innovative companies, industrial partners and the detection of technological trends in certain markets, providing additional inspiration to companies and insight into the technological capabilities of the competition…


Sectoral studies

Each year, GICAT conducts 4 sectoral studies on the land and air-land defense and/or security markets. These studies enable GICAT members to anticipate the major equipment trends and the potential opportunities offered by these markets.


Work and discussion groups

Via its commissions, GICAT proposes presentations by external speakers (army, DGA, home ministry, private operators, export consultants, etc.) to supplement the efforts of its work groups. Industrial contact for operational forces…


Seminars / study days

GICAT organizes regular seminars and information days with French institutions specialized in defense and security (which could also be part of the organization of BtoG and BtoB meetings) for its members: seminars / information days on various themes.


Export support

Export allows industries to compensate for the limitations on national defense budgets. During the production phase, they enable investment amortization with larger production runs. They also enable certain programs to be funded by export customers.

In this context, GICAT proposes a number of export support services to help its members with their international development.

Federation of national pavilions (« Pavillons France »)

GICAT, via its subsidiary, COGES, organizes and federates « Pavilions France » for a number of overseas defense and security exhibitions. Under the same French colors, the industrial operators present benefit from the services provided by our group: cocktail parties, BtoB meetings, press relations, visibility, etc.).


« Pavillon France » brochures

« Pavillon France » brochures boost the visibility of the industrial operators present at an exhibition. They are distributed to all journalists, official delegations and visitors, offering an overview of all the companies and solutions presented on the pavilion and enabling the promotion of French expertise at the exhibition.


Capacity brochures

GICAT brochures present the industrial capacity offers in response to identified and recurrent operational requirements of the armies, security forces or private operators. Published in several languages, these capacity brochures structure and promote the offer available.


Country files

Country files provide a summary of the geo-political situation, bilateral defense relations, situation and requirements of the armed and security forces, state of the defense industry and a description of the equipment acquisition procedures for a given country.


Technology watch at exhibitions

GICAT/COGES operates a technological watch at the main land and air-land defense exhibitions (AUSA, DSEI, Eurosatory, IDEF, IDEX, Indodéfense, MSPO, etc.) for its members, listing the equipment presented and informing of the release of innovations via summary documents.


Market prospection missions

Depending on the needs of its members and the opening of new defense and security markets, GICAT can organize prospection missions to identify prospects in a target country or geographic area, contact these prospects and organize a program of BtoB and/or BtoG meetings.


Export financing

French companies in the defense and security sectors can apply for traditional public funding (national or territorial grants) and may also be eligible for grants specifically created to meet their needs. GICAT has published a Guide to export financing ».


Export control

It is difficult to keep abreast of the constant changes, both technical and legal, to national and international legislation and procedures regarding military and dual-use export control. GICAT seeks to define common positions for industrial partners with respect to the administrations…


GICAT export trophy

The GICAT export trophy is awarded every two years to a French company at the Eurosatory exhibition. It recognizes remarkable export success in the fields of land and air-land defense and security. The selection criteria include…


Communication and public relations

One of GICAT’s missions is to promote the expertise and image of the land defense and security industry. The group deploys an influence-oriented communication strategy and provides services to its members to optimize and develop their visibility.

Daily press review

This press review, conducted on a daily basis, provides a summary to allow members to stay abreast of defense and security sector news over the past 24 hours. The responsive design press review, a vector of communication for its members, also enables the promotion of certain member actions. The archives can be consulted via the member pages of the website.


Visibility and assistance

GICAT provides technical assistance and makes its network available to its members to enable optimized communication. The communication media used by the group, whether printed (brochures, etc.) or electronic (website, mobile application, etc.), are tools to help boost the visibility and notoriety of its members.


Press visits and trips

Every two years, before the Eurosatory exhibition, GICAT organizes two press trips, each for around twenty French and foreign journalists, to meet operational and industrial players in the land and air-land defense and security sectors. These press trips are ideal opportunities for experience feedback.


Cercle Prospective Terre group (defense)

The Cercle Prospective Terre is a group for discussion and exchange between national elected representatives, opinion leaders, military managers, political and industrial decision-makers.


Cercle SecuriTerre group

The SécuriTerre meetings promote exchange between players in the security sector (industrial, institutional and parliamentary players). The meetings are held once every three months.